Payment Methods

Thank you for choosing UPERFECT! We offer a variety of payment methods to ensure a convenient and secure shopping experience. Please review the accepted payment methods and their terms:

  • PayPal:

    • Securely complete your transactions using PayPal. Please ensure your PayPal account is verified.
  • Credit Cards:

    • We accept major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.
    • Your credit card information is encrypted and securely processed for your protection.
  • Digital Wallets:

Experience quick and secure checkouts with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, and Shop Pay.
    • Apple Pay: Use Apple Pay for seamless checkouts on compatible devices. Ensure your Apple Pay information is up-to-date for swift and secure transactions.
    • Google Pay: Experience the convenience of Google Pay for fast and secure payments. Make sure your Google Pay account is set up and ready for use.
    • Meta Pay: Enjoy the benefits of Meta Pay for hassle-free transactions. Keep your Meta Pay details current for smooth payments.
    • Shop Pay: Simplify your shopping experience with Shop Pay. Explore the convenience of secure and speedy transactions.
  • Klarna:

Enjoy flexibility with Klarna, offering convenient installment payments and financing options.
    • Installment Payments: With Klarna, you can choose to split your purchase into manageable installment payments. This flexibility is designed to make high-quality UPERFECT products more accessible to you. Select Klarna at checkout and follow the prompts to set up your preferred installment plan.
    • Interest-Free Financing: Klarna offers interest-free financing options, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase without incurring additional charges. Review Klarna's terms and conditions for detailed information on payment schedules and financing terms.
    • Seamless Checkout Experience: Klarna provides a seamless and secure checkout experience. Your personal and payment information is encrypted to ensure the highest level of security.
    • User-Friendly App: Klarna's user-friendly app allows you to manage your payments, track your orders, and stay updated on your account effortlessly.
Please Note: Klarna availability may be subject to change and may vary based on your location. By selecting Klarna as your payment method, you agree to Klarna's terms and conditions. Please review these terms on the Klarna website for comprehensive details.If you have any questions or concerns regarding Klarna payments, please reach out to Klarna's customer support directly for prompt assistance. 
    • Shop Pay Installments:

    Utilize Shop Pay Installments for a convenient way to split your purchase into four equal, interest-free payments.
      • Split Your Payments: Shop Pay Installments allows you to split the total cost of your purchase into four equal, interest-free payments. This makes it easier to manage your budget without compromising on the products you love.
      • Easy Setup: Setting up Shop Pay Installments is a breeze. Simply select Shop Pay as your payment method during checkout and choose the 'Installments' option. Follow the prompts to complete the process.
      • No Hidden Fees: Enjoy the convenience of spreading your payments without worrying about hidden fees or interest charges. The four payments are equal, providing transparency and predictability in your spending.
      • Automatic Payments: Once you've set up Shop Pay Installments, payments will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method at two-week intervals. No need to manually track due dates.
      • Secure Transactions: Shop Pay prioritizes the security of your transactions. Your payment information is encrypted, providing a secure and trustworthy payment experience.
    Please Note: Shop Pay Installments may not be available in all regions and is subject to change. By selecting Shop Pay Installments as your payment method, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with Shop Pay. If you have any questions or concerns specific to Shop Pay Installments, please reach out to Shop Pay's customer support for assistance.
      • Brazil-Specific Payment Methods:

        • Boleto: Choose Boleto for a popular payment method in Brazil, allowing payment via bank transfer or at authorized locations.
        • dLocal: Securely pay using dLocal, a payment platform that supports various local payment methods in Brazil.
        • PIX: Make instant payments using PIX, a fast and widely used payment method in Brazil.
        • Payssion: Explore Payssion for a wide range of payment options catering to the Brazilian market.

        Important Notes:

        • For credit card payments, please ensure that your billing information matches the details associated with your credit card.
        • UPERFECT reserves the right to decline or cancel orders in the event of payment authorization issues.
        • Payment method availability may vary by region and is subject to change.

        If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment methods, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at

        Thank you for choosing UPERFECT! Your satisfaction is our priority.